Management Philosophy

In the 1850, Jeans were introduced as functional fashion for blue-collared workers, but are now a popular article of clothing loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. Our mission at JEANS MATE is to bring jeans brands that are loved the world over and present them to our customers. Our goal for our clients is to:

  1. Offer superior products
  2. Have clearly stated and affordable prices
  3. Offer our jeans and accessories at convenient locations
  4. Have stores with a casual and friendly setting
  5. Have stores with a fun-filled atmosphere
  6. Offer stress-free shopping
  7. Ultimately be the best store in the community

At JEANS MATE we believe that we will succeed as a company when we fulfill our responsibilities to our community and society as a whole.
At JEANS MATE, as casual clothing company, we believe that it is not enough to simply sell our jeans, but that we should also offer a pleasurable shopping experience in coordinating and selecting a wide variety of clothes.
At JEANS MATE, the "JEANS" in our name, refers to our mission to offer a natural, rich, and genuine lifestyle to our customers in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

We hope JEANS MATE will be the first place to come to mind whenever you think of getting a new pair of Jeans.
Customer Satisfaction is our goal and the underlying and ultimate mission at JEANS MATE.

Company Profile

Company Name JEANS MATE, Inc.
Incorporated October 1960
Headquarters 1F, 30-13, Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0062, Japan
Revenue JPY 9,818,000,000 (FYE February 2015)
Paid-in Capital JPY 2,015,810,000 (as of February 20, 2015)
Representative Director Shigeru Tomizawa
Number of Employees 115 (as of February 20, 2015)
Number of Stores 100 (as of February 20, 2015)
Primary Business Sales of casual clothing and accessories